Qualified necropsy

Requirements Engineering Strategieberatung iForensik QLS Qualifizierte Leichenschau iPad SAP ERP SAP ISH SAP SD ABAP OO Swift

Our solution:

1. Assignment and creation of the QLS in SAP

This app is a building block of our iForensics QLS solution. Data reconciliation with the base system in SAP takes place via an ODATA interface. A VPN connection serves as an intermediate layer for secure network access. The back office enters a new QLS operation in the SAP backend.

2. Route planning

The individual QLS operations from the SAP backend are automatically bundled into different routes, which are then synchronized with the iForensik app. The attending QLS physician can choose which of the suggested routes he or she will drive that day. However, individual adjustments, such as adding or removing individual QLS operations, are also possible directly in the app.

3. documentation and photos

If the physician selects a specific QLS procedure from his or her route, he or she can begin the necropsy and enter all the necessary basic data about the deceased. The ready-made selection lists in the form of drop-down menus, as well as the subdivision into several process steps, contribute to the intuitive usability of the iForensik app. By using the integrated standard functionalities, photo documentation is also possible. The photos are automatically assigned to the current QLS operation.

4.Encryption and data transmission

The sensitive data of the deceased is encrypted on the iPad at all times.
After a necropsy is performed, the QLS physician completes the process. Bei bestehender Internetverbindung werden die Daten und Fotos in das Basissystem iForensik QLS übertragen All photos are saved in the customer’s SAP archiving system, whereby the assignment to the QLS operation is retained.

5. Billing via SD order

The QLS operation is finally used for settlement in the SAP SD and is directly available for the subsequent commercial processes available in the standard SAP.