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Grafik Know How Overview


SAP Consulting and Development

You can find an overview of our range of services in the areas of SAP consulting and development here.

Development of Java-Applications

In the field of ​​Java development, which enables a high degree of flexibility and platform independence, we offer our support in the following areas:

  • Creation of technical concepts
  • Creation of IT concepts
  • Creation of test concepts
  • OOAD
  • Interface implementation

Previous projects:

  • Analysis / Design / Implementation / Test of a web-based J2EE application for the dynamic evaluation of complex data sets
  • Analysis / Design / Implementation / Test Webservice / Soap solution for the interaction between a PHP portal and a J2EE application
  • Analysis and preliminary study / IT-concept for the connection of a web-based J2EE application to a SAS Datawarehouse
  • Migration of a web-based j2EE application into a process-oriented (abaxx) company portal

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Unified Modelling Language

During the planning and analysis stages of our software projects we use the modelling language UML2 wherever possible. The modelling of business processes, the representation of activities, states and class modules, as well as documentation are among the main areas of application for UML2.

This way we construct, visualise and document software and development projects very efficiently using IBM Rational Software Architect.

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.NET Applications

We offer the development of new software and the programming of extensions and interfaces based on Microsoft .NET. The advantage of .NET applications is that they can be easily ported to various other systems. Additionally, it is possible to develop using several different programming languages.

This utilisation of Microsoft .NET allows an efficient and reliable development of software and interfaces. There are already several hundred megabytes of open-source code for .NET development, which simplifies the development work and accelerates it.

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We can provide many years of experience in the mainframe area, which provides a stable and mature development and operation environment.

We can point to a variety of successful projects both in the software development and in the maintenance and development of complex systems based on MVS, TSO, ISPF, COBOL, PL/1, IMS, IDMS or VSAM. Some of our strengths in particular are the design, implementation and support for complex interfaces between host applications and SAP systems.

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