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Application Management

Individually developed software and customer-customised standard applications, as they are often to be found in the SAP area, are able to optimally cover business processes. On the other hand, these special applications usually require significant adjustments and an ongoing testing effort. For example when legal innovations are to be integrated, operating system upgrades are pending or it is necessary to test the overall functionality after a new SAP release change.
The Application Management as a form of Managed Services cares for these special applications to ensure compliance with service levels by the often outsourced IT system operation and the efficient maintenance and further development of the software.
The externalisation of Application Management relieves the capacity of the client, who can then use his own know-how carriers more valuably in the design and development of new functionality.
INIT provides over a decade of experience in the field of Application Management of complex SAP systems in a demanding customer environment:

  • Service-Management
  • Service-Operation
  • Incident-Management
  • Problem-Management
  • Change-Management
  • Release-Management

If you would like to know more about our expertise in SAP Application Management, please contact Holger von Nethen or Thomas Winkelsdorf.