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The customer, a leading automotive financial services provider, not only offers its customers leasing solutions, but also a service components for vehicle maintenance.

The customers receive a so-called ServiceCard (a plastic card in credit card format) as a confirmation of the agreed upon maintenance service components. This card serves as verification for service claims resulting from the lease when dealing with external partners (e.g. authorised repair shops and branch offices of the manufacturer).

The cards and the corresponding letters are generated by the ServiceCard software which was developed by the INIT GmbH on behalf of the customer and for which we provide support for over 10 years now. Since mid-2005, the application is also supplied with data from the Swiss subsidiary in order to be able to produce cards for Swiss customer.

The system receives daily transmissions of movement data via an interface to the central leasing system. The import takes on the dynamic allocation of the data required for each variant of the ServiceCard. After importing however, the information for embossing the card can still be customised individually.

Besides the actual card stamping service, the parallel creation of customer letters is of high complexity. The content of the letters is being individually adjusted to each particular business transaction while taking into account a variety of control parameters.

Features of ServiceCard:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Flexible client management
  • Individual adjustment of the cards
  • Configurable views, so that every employee can customise the program according to their requirements
  • Printing of already imported cards that are stored in the archive
  • Detailed reports regarding date, card or client