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SAP-based Arrears Management System

As part of an international process redesign, the client needed a new Arrears system (claims management system ) for its Italian subsidiary. It was used to detect and manage defaulting customers in an appropriate manner.

After the evaluation of several standard products the client decided to have their own product developed. This way they could meet the specific requirements of Italian finance and leasing business needs.

After deciding on the use of SAP as a platform, INIT GmbH was commissioned to take full responsibility of the design, sub-project management, programming and testing support for the Italian department.

The project with a maturity of over one year was implemented by four to six INIT employees, depending on the phase the project was in.

Since the project had a very tight schedule, close contact between the customers and developers was as crucial as a very short development-test-cycle. Our development team demonstrated tremendous flexibility both in terms of labor input and location. Depending on the project phase we have worked in England, Italy and Bremerhaven at once.

Other challenges were:

  • Integration of customers and contract data from the master data system
  • Processing of the Italian bookings in SAP
  • Creation of promise to pay
  • Management of the external debt-recovery companies
  • Data migration from the legacy host system
  • Preparations for bookings after receipt of payment

The new SAP Arrears management system went live successfully and the clients has ordered an extensive expansion which also went live in April 2008.