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SAP application development and support for automotive banks

Projects in the SAP environment have been the focus of our work for many years already.

  • Our SAP experience is going back to the year 1994 in which we took a major role in the replacement of a host accounting system with SAP R/3 – even before INIT GmbH was founded
  • From the beginning we were not only concerned with IT maintenance and development but also very interested in the technical context of the managed interfaces and processes
  • IT project management and coordination of the Euro local currency changeover
  • Ongoing SAP/R3 interface support (eg incoming and outgoing payments, intercompany elimination, legal dunning proceedings, residue determination, etc.)
  • Development and support of a SAP R/3 online application for the initial application scoring and customer rating
  • Development and support of a SAP application for the management of automobile insurance contracts and resulting commission management in relation to contracting partners