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Deutschsprachige SAP Anwendergruppe e.V. (DSAG)

The German-Speaking SAP User Group (Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe e.V. – DSAG) is a special interest group of SAP users in the German-speaking world and has established itself as the world’s largest SAP user group. The main aspects of the DSAG Organisation are the information exchange and networking amongst the members as well as exerting influence on SAP AG.

INIT is a member of DSAG both in the role of SAP user and SAP service member.

ANTEA Alliance of independent firms

We are an active member of ANTEA, a global alliance of independent companies that provide consulting services in accordance with predefoned quality standards. The tight links within this network give us the opportunity to quickly respond to special, country-specific requirements in the context of international projects by including local business partners.

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