The digital transformation and the resulting changes in general conditions require future-proof technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to profitably utilize the potential of existing data. With our KI-Leitstand (AI control center), we optimize your business processes along the value chains and show you possible application areas of AI. By using agile methods and an iterative approach, the end result can be, for example, a virtual representation of your company on the basis of which strategic and operational decisions can be made.

Initial Situation & Solution

Companies must respond to the ever-increasing demands of their clientele and heightened competitive pressure. Particularly when it comes to production and order management, the many influencing variables pose special challenges for the decision-makers. However, the changing environment is not easily understood – adaptive systems are needed that can learn from past data and provide accurate forecasts to support decision-making for new, unknown situations.

Our Added Value

INIT combines everything under one roof. Our interdisciplinary consulting teams are able to achieve maximum benefits for our customers. We can draw on expertise in auditing, mathematics, development as well as consulting with many years of industry knowledge. This gives us a comprehensive 360° view of your current situation and allows us to analyze, discuss and optimize a wide variety of aspects.

“We accompany you on the way from local to global maximum to Smart Company – step by step.”

Armin Aigner, AI expert at INIT

Cornerstones of KI-Leitstand


Get a recipe for success that will put your company ahead of the international competition. The focus of the project is not on local stand-alone solutions – such as individual plants or production lines – but encompasses an overall view of your value chain and thus sharpens the senses for global interrelationships:

  • Away from isolated solutions
  • Integrated solutions
  • Global vs. local approaches
  • Dependencies along the value chain
  • Supply chain complexity
  • Options for action

Agile methods

Using an iterative approach, we work with you to develop the specific requirements, steps and resources needed to deploy artificial intelligence in different areas of your business. Viewing the company as a multidimensional entity brings the subsequent optimization potentials into focus:

  • Raw material and capacity planning in line with demand
  • Reduce setup times
  • Transport cost minimization
  • Just-in-time
  • Ad-hoc-Simulation
  • Better sales ratio


AI is changing production processes and value chains worldwide. The alignment of the company’s goals with the value chain defines the company-specific mathematical basic model, on which the development of the industry-specific company model of the AI control center is based. This stands for:

  • Maximization of corporate goals
  • Profit maximization
  • Simulation of business scenarios
  • Corporate management
  • Corporate planning
  • Decision support

Our Approach


Complex topic – many questions!

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Björn Tiede

Björn Tiede

Business Development

“I would be happy to discuss the benefits of KI-Leitstand for your company.”