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[Update 13/11/2014 – The Winner Is…] INIT as an expert judge in the competition “Save as”

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Each of us clicks on it several times a day without thinking about it: the small disk icon in many computer programs, which allows to save text documents, pictures or other files.

But actually only a few people are still using diskettes as storage media. CDs, DVDs, USB sticks or the cloud have replaced the plastic disks years ago. And yet the disk still persists as a graphical synonym for backing up files.
How could a contemporary symbol for the function “Save As” look like? Your ideas are needed: Take part in the competition of the Stuttgarter Zeitung, the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart and INIT, – you design the new icon instead of the floppy disk. We address everyone from creative individuals and students to professional designers and usability experts to agencies and companies.

The competition is not meant to set future design standards. In the foreground is the fun in dealing creatively with the rapid changes in data storage and ease of use of IT products.

It’s worth taking part! In the two categories amateurs and professionals, the Stuttgarter Zeitung, the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart and INIT, donated several cash and gift prices.

Upload one or maximum two proposals for a new “Save as” icons latest 30th September 2014 to the homepage of the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart. The ten highest ranked symbols per category are finally evaluated by the juryl of experts.

The winners will be presented and awarded at the World Usability Day in Stuttgart on 13 November 2014.

The competition is supported by the decisive engagement of the INIT as a member of the jury and prize sponsor and once again underscores our enthusiasm for all facets of information technology and the joy of collaboration in joint projects



[Update 13/11/2014] …and the winner is…

Conny Mechela from Hamburg is the winner of the competition. The award has been given to her at the World Usability Day in Stuttgart  On the picture are the representatives of INIT, Thomas Winkelsdorf and Jörg Mayr together with Conny Mechela and Hjalmar Hiemann from the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart (right).

Winner of the Save As Competition

Conny Mechela will finalize her university studies in 2015. She is financing already her tuition fee by  working as a Graphic Designer for several clients. All the more we are happy to know, that our donation will help a highly motivated, young professional for starting/expanding business.

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